Top 10 Leprechaun Questions You’re Afraid to Ask

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Getting ready for St Patrick’s Day? This year do it armed with truth. Leprechaun truth. 1. Are leprechauns real? No. 2. Are leprechauns really Irish? Likely not. Legend-wise, they’re more likely Scots. Leprechauns originally had different names in different places of Ireland (eg Luricawne in Kerry, Cluricawne in Monaghan, Logheryman in the north). In Ulster, the little men were once known as ‘grogoch’ … Read on

How I Made My Last Blog Post [VIDEO]

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The 76-Second Travel Show wants to inspire you. But not by rehashing old famous travel inspirational quotes from dead bearded men… Hold on… Actually it does want to inspire you by rehashing old famous travel inspirational quotes from dead bearded men*. Particularly when one of them is Dagobert frickin’ D Runes. Watch this to see how I managed to put together that last … Read on

Top 10 Greatest Inspirational Travel Quotes by Dead Men with Beards

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Do you find inspiration from famous travel quotes from dead people from 2500 years ago? I don’t, not much. But I’m banking that you do by assembling, in 20 minutes or so, the Top 10 Greatest Inspirational Travel Quotes Made by Dead Men with Beards. It seems a popular practice for travel bloggers. And it’s really really easy to do.* (Watch the video … Read on

#ChatDiaries (Week 2): What Bono’s Air Guitar Teaches Us

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Last week, I started to get SERIOUS on the flurry of overlapping #chats in Twitter travel space. I shared personal stories regarding vomiting in North America travels. My goal, soon I hope, is to actively participate in every single one, answering in 1000-word missives, each and every question. Meanwhile, as I go, I’m learning. Chiefly I’m learnig about how to use “shading” on … Read on

#ChatDiaries (Week 1): Vomiting in Canada & Mexico


            A couple years ago I made a song with four bass parts called “CAN I HAVE A #CHAT?” — about a travel hopeful, surrounded by lush woods and waterfalls, but feeling SO ALONE. And only wanting a little #chat. Maybe a hug. The #chats I mean are those steady streams of questions that various travel companies unleash … Read on