Top 5 Eastern Oregon [video]


Five-year-old travel expert Ruby Reid, who happens to be my daughter, has taken over the 76-Second Travel Show, by offering five reasons to fill your “bucket list” with a region few consider: Eastern Oregon. (Or, more accurately, in/around the John Day River Basin of Central-Eastern Oregon.) In a three-day trip, you could easily make a loop of these sites. You’ll never be more … Read on

76-Second Travel Show: “Manhattan Bridge’s 100th Birthday Party”

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Episode #015 F E A T U R I N G * 1 8 6 * B O N U S * S E C O N D S The NYC Bridge Centennial Commission planned the 100th birthday celebrations two months early, for ‘convenience’ per a recent New York Times article (which may have been based on this press release). The commission’s celebration … Read on

44 Little Travel Rules No One Tells You

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I’ve gone a few miles over the years. And here are 44 little things about travel I picked up on the way.   Wash your hands before you sleep, unless you don’t mind it if cute rats lick your fingers clean. When kindness comes from strangers, accept it. If you don’t know if they expect a tip, you can offer one — but … Read on

Four Locals: the USA’s Northeast Corridor


Travelers like to champion locals a lot, I’ve noticed. And “travel like a local” has become the new “off-the-beaten track,” a well-intentioned mantra that’s now sort of a cliche. Still, it has a point. I’ve just finished a humbling opportunity to follow Andrew Evans’ shoes as the National Geographic Traveler’s Digital Nomad, going by train between Boston, New York, Philadelphia and DC. I … Read on

Why Las Vegas is a bad suit

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Every few years I go to Las Vegas to speak in a panel. This week I returned for DMAI’s centennial conference, which I really enjoyed. Whenever I’ve gone to Vegas I’ve tried to enjoy myself. I once even made a video feebly trying to position “SIN City” as “ScIeNce City.” People love it. I simply don’t get it. It’s not the heat, the … Read on

Philadelphia is weird


Know how some places tout their zany with “Keep Weird” campaigns? All the while, America’s weirdest city hardly realizes that it does things a bit oddly. And it is very weird. After all, only Philadelphia has a sinking neighborhood, a Lenin-like saint mausoleum, a street named after pigeon droppings, nights where you can throw eggs wherever you want, an unhealthy pack-rat tendency to … Read on