“Robust Christmas” turns five!

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Five years ago, the 76-Second Travel Show went “robust.” Following a faddish surge in the use of “robust” in world media and conference rooms, the 76 HQs wondered how you could make a Christmas “robust” too. And came up with some suggestions. See the original video, if you dare. What’s not known is the original video-carol omitted a middle verse regarding the protagonist’s … Read on

I sort of spoke at the White House

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National Geographic Traveler asked me to speak at the White House Travel Blogger Summit on December 9. It was surreal, thrilling, steeped in titles and policies, and… yeah, pretty surreal. As a travel experience, it sort of ranks with my first uncertain steps in remote Istanbul neighborhoods or moving to mid ’90s Vietnam. Different and new. I like that. Anyway, I spoke into … Read on

What are the Top 2015 travel destinations? I don’t know

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I used to regularly make Top 10 travel lists for each new year.  Sometimes I still contribute (like this bid for Oklahoma City). I always try to do a good job, and pick places that I think are due notice for a year. But the reality is that I don’t know who you are, I don’t know where you’re based, I don’t know … Read on