76-Second Travel Show: ‘Outtakes from Garfield Assassination Replica’

Episode # 049

F E A T U R I N G * 1 4 3 * B O N U S * S E C O N D S

It’s been one year since the ’76-Second Travel Show’ probed every alley of New York to find the most worthy presidential experience to have for a president’s day weekend in the Big Apple: and NAILED IT (with this).

Chester A Arthur is one of two presidents (George Washington being the other) to take the oath in Manhattan. Arthur did so because a guy called Charles Guiteau went and shot James Garfield for no apparent reason (enigmatically self-proclaiming ‘I’m the stalwart of stalwarts’ as he squeezed his trigger, twice).

Time hasn’t been forgiving to Arthur, a man who pronounced his middle name (‘Alan’) with mock-French twist (‘Alain’), had something like 50 pairs of paints, and frankly wasn’t much of a president. But his former home, at 123 Lexington Ave in Manhattan, is now an Indian spice shop — and you can get a ‘Chester Arthur’ sandwich (well, if you ask for one) upstairs in his former bedroom.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary, the 76 team held a party with a couple of the reenactors from the 0:13 replica of James Garfield’s shooting (he’d die two months later — you really might not want to know the details of exactly why he died).

We also dug up, from the 76 archives, some outtakes from the original video.

Enjoy. And remember. And definitely go eat one of those sandwiches.

The original:

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  1. Rutila says:

    John, I am with you when it comes to the difficulty of saying your lines on the 76-S TS!

  2. Joshywashington says:

    I love the assassination reenactment! Was that Ketchup or Sriracha on his blood stained hand?

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