Right Pants gets the Abe Bump

Episode 004: I was delighted to learn recently, viaSkift.com, of the existence of a “Bourdain bump.” Apparently whenever Travel Celebrity Anthony Bourdain picks a place to do a show, that destination sees a huge rise in public interest. In the recent case of Sicily, Priceline.com reported an 88.8% jump in searches for Sicily airports over the following 48 hours — that compares with a 5.1% rise for the rest of the country. Whoa!

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 3.04.44 PMTHE RIGHT PANTS hasn’t exactly set records with its launch the past month. In fact, we’ve seen a decline in viewership every episode, each well below the “viral line.” Even an experiment at liking food more — by making a deep dive into pie — garnered our fewest views yet!

Anthony Bourdain didn’t respond to my tweet (above), but maybe the Right Pants can one-up the ex-chef, by going someone who has been written about more than any historical figure other than Jesus: Abe Lincoln.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 8.32.40 PMThe video features a fake Lincoln and Steven Spielberg at last year’s reading of the Gettysburg Address, an annual tradition at Gettysburg on November 19. This year is the 150th anniversary.


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