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Bulgaria Secret: UFO Building

Bulgaria is one of Europe’s great roadtrip secrets. In places like Veliko Tarnovo, you can rent cars for as little as $25/day. Roads cross mountain ranges, and buffalo yogurt stands and woodcutter towns and weird monuments like the one below. Years ago I … Read on

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Random Photo: Anti-Fun Bulgarian Town

This Bulgarian town near the Black Sea is pretty much against all fun. Or at least adults, children, balls, homes and means of transport. I guess video games are cool?

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Feature: ’72 Moskvitch Roadtrip in Bulgaria

We all have dreams. I lived one of mine, buying and driving an old Soviet baby-blue car up/down the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. I wrote about it for the January edition of Lonely Planet magazine (here’s the link to the story). I’ll post … Read on

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Top 57 Things in Bulgaria

Bulgaria — in legend, if not tourism — sometimes gets lost amidst its neighbors: Greece, Turkey, Romania. I’ve gone four times on research trips and it’s kinda my favorite country. I like it more every time I go. I could probably say why … Read on

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A Few Photos from Bulgaria

I’m nearly four weeks in to a five-week research trip across Bulgaria and been too distracted by collecting the pesky rabotne vreme (working hours) of cafes, banks and museums to blog much. Though I did manage to make to the BEST BAR OF … Read on

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Bulgaria’s Little Thorn

I’m not sure why more people don’t travel around Bulgaria’s northwest corner, extending like a little thorn between Serbia and Romania. I’m currently researching Lonely Planet’s Eastern Europe chapter for Bulgaria and started off my trip — getting over jetlag and flat-out enjoying … Read on

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