Video: Prizren, Kosovo in 60 seconds

I took a Balkan roadtrip last December, and one of the surprising highlights was the Kosovo town of Prizren. It was cold and foggy. I couldn’t even see the castle on the hill above town. And the town introduction was unusual. Crooked cobbled … Read on

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How to travel like an outsider (not a local) [VIDEO]

Did you know the New York Times has never printed the phrase “travel like a local”? Not once. That surprised me a bit, considering you can’t go far reading magazines, press releases, Twitter or those captioned inspirational photos on Instagram without hearing “travel … Read on

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How I Made My Last Blog Post [VIDEO]

The 76-Second Travel Show wants to inspire you. But not by rehashing old famous travel inspirational quotes from dead bearded men… Hold on… Actually it does want to inspire you by rehashing old famous travel inspirational quotes from dead bearded men*. Particularly when … Read on

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“Robust Christmas” turns five!

Five years ago, the 76-Second Travel Show went “robust.” Following a faddish surge in the use of “robust” in world media and conference rooms, the 76 HQs wondered how you could make a Christmas “robust” too. And came up with some suggestions. See … Read on

What are the Top 2015 travel destinations? I don’t know

I used to regularly make Top 10 travel lists for each new year.  Sometimes I still contribute (like this bid for Oklahoma City). I always try to do a good job, and pick places that I think are due notice for a year. … Read on

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Eastern Oregon: Earn Your Boots

When I moved to Oregon last year, I didn’t know they had cowboys. So when when I got a hall pass to write pretty much anything about the state recently for National Geographic Traveler’s Digital Nomad, I headed east — into cowboy country. … Read on