Photos: NYC’s Broadway Show League


Did you know that Broadway actors in New York have played in a softball league since 1955? You can go watch it. It’s pretty fun when you see things like Once hit a walk-off homer to beat Book of Mormon. And people get … Read on

Photos: Boston Harbor Islands


I recently spent $15 hopping ferry to ferry about a few of the Boston Harbor Islands. It’s more out there than you’d expect from a half-hour (or longer) ride from downtown. Take Kurt, above. He lives most of the year, shirtless, in a … Read on

Defending trig: the center of Tasmania


Give me a map, and I can plan a lifetime of trips. Recently, during a six-day walk on Tasmania’s Overland Track (the basis for this video on walking), I rested my knees one evening by studying detailed map of the heart-shaped island off … Read on

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Follow #Russia on my Instagram


To pass some time as the Sochi Olympics find new ways to embarrass itself, I thought I’d share photos from my three big crazy Russia trips over on my Instagram account. Come on over if you want to see some really strange places, … Read on

Top 7 unimportant, yet interesting, things about JFK’s shooting that no one tells you


I recently went to Dallas. (There, I said it.) And I spent a day and a half seeing some JFK-related sites I’d never seen in 20-some visits there in my life. The Sixth Floor Museum, at the site of the infamous Book Depository, … Read on

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Sketches from my travel journals

sketch-THE-BARN-guys 1 - Version 2

The best way to remember a trip isn’t just slowing down to really be present in a place. Instead, as I wrote for the National Geographic Traveler today, it’s STOPPING altogether. For me, that is often to draw a little something that catches … Read on