Mad Max 2: World’s Only Sequel Museum [video]

The June episode of the 76-Second Travel Show wonders “have you ever wanted to make a museum?” I always did. I once seriously considered importing old Skoda, Trabant, Moskvitch cars from the former Soviet Bloc to create an Extinct Communist Car Museum somewhere … Read on

Launceston: Tasmania’s other city

Most people know by now of the Tasmanian capital, Hobart — a port town on the island’s southern coast and home to MONA, a “game-changing” art museum reached by ferry. What about Tasmania’s other city, its rival to the north Launceston? Recently I … Read on

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Defending trig: the center of Tasmania

Give me a map, and I can plan a lifetime of trips. Recently, during a six-day walk on Tasmania’s Overland Track (the basis for this video on walking), I rested my knees one evening by studying detailed map of the heart-shaped island off … Read on

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Tasmania’s jolly Overland Track [video]

“76” is back. A few years ago, I created the 76-Second Travel Show with a box of crayons and a FlipCam (and plenty of mistakes I’m willing to share). It grew a bit more involved over the course of half-a-hundred episodes (ie subjects … Read on

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Going to Australia

I’ve been in a travel writer for nearly 20 years, and next week I’m doing something unlike anything I’ve done before: I’m becoming a “correspondent” (aka #Corrozpondent) for Tourism Australia. It’s quite a thing to do. I’m one of a handful of other … Read on