#ChatDiaries (Week 1): Vomiting in Canada & Mexico

            A couple years ago I made a song with four bass parts called “CAN I HAVE A #CHAT?” — about a travel hopeful, surrounded by lush woods and waterfalls, but feeling SO ALONE. And only wanting a … Read on

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Montreal Secret: The Big Orange

If you’re a local in Montreal, you know about the “big orange,” one of the city’s longest lasting (and brightest) landmarks. Most visitors never see this 40-foot orange-shaped diner that’s stood here since 1942. Gibeau Orange Julep (7700 Boulevard Décarie) is a long … Read on

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Toronto snubs Babe Ruth [Photo]

That’s not a bat you see up there. It’s an OAR. And it marks a historic spot in baseball history. Before Babe Ruth was a Yankee, he played for Providence. And his first pro home run came on Toronto Islands a place now … Read on

76: Niagara Falls! Saved by… Forts!!

John Steinbeck visited Niagara Falls in 1960, while on his Travels with Charley roadtrip, and summed it up simply with ‘Niagara Falls is very nice.’ And it is. But when you go, as 12 million do each year, and see the cynical embrace … Read on

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58 Things You Should Know about the War of 1812

War of 1812

Douglas Coupland’s 1812 sculpture, Toronto ‘War of 1812’ would make a great name for a bulldog. They’re irrational creatures – with misshapen jaws and butts that make them look mean, and squashed tails that easily get infected by passing fecal matter. But down … Read on

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Best Canadian City: my awards

Quick! What’s the best Canadian city? The subject has led to a lively discussion on Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree, something so prickly that Toronto-based author Andrew Potter suggested could actually bring about a civil war. Most people equate Canada with its natural beauty, … Read on

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