Preview: NYC’s (New) Whitney Museum

Manhattan has always been top-heavy, museum-wise. To see one, at least the big guys, you got to go uptown. The Whitney Museum of American Art – in a bizarre cubed building on an unsuspecting street of the Upper East Side – always felt … Read on

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Four Locals: the USA’s Northeast Corridor

Travelers like to champion locals a lot, I’ve noticed. And “travel like a local” has become the new “off-the-beaten track,” a well-intentioned mantra that’s now sort of a cliche. Still, it has a point. I’ve just finished a humbling opportunity to follow Andrew … Read on

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Photos: NYC’s Broadway Show League

Did you know that Broadway actors in New York have played in a softball league since 1955? You can go watch it. It’s pretty fun when you see things like Once hit a walk-off homer to beat Book of Mormon. And people get … Read on

NYC Secret: Where “On the Road” Ends

Jack Kerouac’s On the Road ends, rather sadly, as Sal/Jack looks over the Hudson River in Chelsea and thinks of Dean/Neal heading west. He writes: So in America when the sun goes down and I sit on the old brokendown river pier watching … Read on

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NYC Secret: Manhattan’s Highest Point

The weird thing about going up to the north end of Manhattan is seeing San Francisco-esque inclines on otherwise atypical New York streets. Look one way, just over a five-floor apartment block, and you see a hill of exposed rock wooded with the … Read on

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NYC Secret: 6½ Avenue!

Between 51st and 57th St in Midtown is a funny thing: a walkway that cuts through the belly of office buildings and leads off to sidewalks past stop signs, where vehicles must stop for you footfall. The signed “6½ Avenue” had been, according … Read on

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