Top 7 unimportant, yet interesting, things about JFK’s shooting that no one tells you


I recently went to Dallas. (There, I said it.) And I spent a day and a half seeing some JFK-related sites I’d never seen in 20-some visits there in my life. The Sixth Floor Museum, at the site of the infamous Book Depository, is one of the all-time most moving and fascinating museums I’ve been to, and Oswald’s last home, or one of … Read on

Is it “Spring Break” or “break in spring”?

Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 10.06.32 AM

Spring Break turns 53 this year, well sort of. A few years ago, while wondering if Spring Break is “travel” or not for an episode of the “76-Second Travel Show,” I tracked down Barbara Keith, one of the many college-age girls who went to Ft Lauderdale because, as the 1960 movie put it, it’s Where the Boys Are. She ended up staying for good, though … Read on