Did I just win an award?

My writing career began in high school. To prepare myself, I posed for a photo in my room, holding a fake Stratocaster, pointing at the camera with shades on. I got out a piece of paper and a Sharpie and drew the profile … Read on

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Travel content isn’t king, it’s clerk

Right Pants #006: Video report from the Grassy Knoll The problem I have with that word “content” — whatever that is — can’t be blamed on a dictionary. Because “content” isn’t there, yet. Not the web-version of content anyway. (Look it up, then … Read on

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The Lou Reed of Travel

In a recent article in the wonderful This Land Press, Nathan Brown begins a defense for the need of 21st-century poetry with this Salman Rushdie quote: A poet’s work is to name the unnamable, to point at frauds, to take sides, start arguments, … Read on

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Right Pants gets the Abe Bump

Episode 004: I was delighted to learn recently, viaSkift.com, of the existence of a “Bourdain bump.” Apparently whenever Travel Celebrity Anthony Bourdain picks a place to do a show, that destination sees a huge rise in public interest. In the recent case of … Read on

Video: “Maybe Pie is the new travel/sandwich?”

RIGHT PANTS 003: Did you know the first recorded pie was found in King Rama II’s tomb from ancient Egypt? Or that Romans made a pie called “The Placenta”? The English, meanly, added songbirds to the recipe. And the first pie-in-the-face gag dates … Read on

Right Pants: “How to remember travel?”

Welcome, after many delays and doubts, to the debut of THE RIGHT PANTS. For Episode 001, I’m discussing how to remember travel (a subject I recently kicked around for a National Geographic Traveler article). Often I feel overwhelmed by the sheer outlets for … Read on

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