Right Pants: “How to remember travel?”

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Welcome, after many delays and doubts, to the debut of THE RIGHT PANTS. For Episode 001, I’m discussing how to remember travel (a subject I recently kicked around for a National Geographic Traveler article). Often I feel overwhelmed by the sheer outlets for “documentation” on travels — posting photos/quips by social media, taking photos on a digital camera too, often video on a … Read on

Sketches from my travel journals

sketch-THE-BARN-guys 1 - Version 2

The best way to remember a trip isn’t just slowing down to really be present in a place. Instead, as I wrote for the National Geographic Traveler today, it’s STOPPING altogether. For me, that is often to draw a little something that catches my eye. That the results won’t win any awards hardly bothers me. Here’s a handful of sketches that fill my … Read on

The #10minpanel is here

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I like being asked to chip in at conferences or TV or radio shows. It’s flattering. But lately I’ve been wondering if it’s really necessary to cross the globe, talk with sponsors, rub shoulders with writers you like (or hide from those you’d rather not talk with). So I started doing my own occasional #panel discussions on Twitter. It’s been fairly off the … Read on

How to make a travel video


Everyone wants online travel video, but few know how to make it. Those in the film/TV crowd frequently tout there’s only one way, which can seem like building up 60-second online piece with the same costly, back-scenes architecture of a Hollywood epic. But this is dated thinking. While the DIY video world can ruffle the feathers of industry TV/film types — much like … Read on