Why We Travel (Parts 12 & 35)


If travel’s supposed to be about self-discovery, should professional travelers and writers dictate how everyone needs to do it? As if there’s a pressing need for the travel movement, and only one way to get there. Recently in the New York Times, Ilan Stevens and Joshua Ellison — a lit professor and editor — gauged the differences between “meaningful, fruitful travel” and “mere … Read on

44 Little Travel Rules No One Tells You

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I’ve gone a few miles over the years. And here are 44 little things about travel I picked up on the way.   Wash your hands before you sleep, unless you don’t mind it if cute rats lick your fingers clean. When kindness comes from strangers, accept it. If you don’t know if they expect a tip, you can offer one — but … Read on

Taking Out the ‘Urgh!’ in Pittsburgh

VISITING CHAMPION CITYQuick: Pittsburgh. Thoughts? –> Steel town, smoke-belching factories, a few rivers, a football team so poor it could only afford a decal on one side of its helmet. A place that Interstates 76 and 70 narrowly avoid — with mercy — on trans-Pennsylvanian road trips. Something like that? Not really. On a recent trip with my wife and four-month-old daughter (who … Read on

Mexico Swine Flu Update

Travelers are starting to say “yes” to Mexico again. That’s good news for the world’s 10th-most visited country that saw arrivals dip by 70% or more during the height of the swine flu coverage last month. Since May 25, Mexico has four times fewer new swine flu cases as the USA, and now has under half the total number (just over 5700, or … Read on