Citadel Palace (small view)

It’s not hard finding things to do in Hue. The bulk of activities in town lies on the north side of the Perfume River, in the 10km-around CITADEL, where you can dress up as mandarins, walk through the re-built ‘imperial city,’ sit on US tanks, or fly a kite shaped like Batman

OTHER ATTRACTIONS in town include a down-n-dirty river market, an OK beach, and a few historic sites that date to Uncle Ho Chi Minh’s days studying in Hue as a lad.

Of course, the greatest attractions in Hue are found on DAY TRIPS just outside town — particularly the resting spots for most of the Nguyen Dynasty’s emperors (see ROYAL TOMBS), plus a few pagodas and the old ‘DMZ,’ the (very) militarized zone that split Vietnam into two from 1945 to 1975.

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