CHAU DOC - Accommodations

Many package tours drop into Chau Doc. You really have two types of options – cheapies ($5 to $15) or the high-end Victoria Chau Doc resort.

Over $100

If you have the money, the Victoria is by far Chau Doc’s best place to stay – a French colonial-style 93-room resort with fine rooms with wood floors, shutter-style wood headboards – most have balconies. Beds have a Cham shawl draped across the foot of the bed. Definitely spring the extra $10 or so for the river view. The location is less secluded than the Victoria in Cantho – it’s right on the main road into town, a few blocks south of the center — but more connected with river life on the other side. There’s a fourth-floor spa, a pool just a couple meters from the water edge, free WiFi on the ground floor, and a ship-restaurant Le Jarai where dinner’s served. Victoria offers plenty of activities – trips to Sam Mountain ($25 per person), boat trips ($17 per person) and guided trips to Tra Su bird sanctuary ($45). They offer speedboat trips to Phnom Penh for $75 per person (minimum four people). All much higher than the going rate around town, but I can’t speak for a boost in quality.
Tel 076-865-010;; 32 Le Loi St; Internet rates street/river view $110/120

Under $20

Easily the best $10 room in the Mekong, the bright, stylish Trung Nguyen have 15 rooms modern rooms with balconies that overlook overlooks the Chau Doc market in the center. It opened in 2002 and the friendly staff keep it looking new. You can get breakfast (extra cost) in the air-conditioned lobby; staff also rent bikes ($1) or motorbikes ($8) and store bags if you’re going on a Ha Tien loop. Stairways up have artful extras.
Tel 076-866-158; [email protected]; 86 Bach Dang St; rooms $10 to $15

Floating village homes and the hotel’s super (and also floating) restaurant are just behind this slightly removed, riverside hotel with clean rooms with ornate lavendar-and-white ceilings. Lots of diners traipse through the lobby to go back to the restaurant. There’s a terrace up top.
Tel 076-866-134; [email protected]; 18 Tran Hung Dao; rooms with fan/AC $6/10

Motorbike riders love the place (and the commission they get from bringing you here from the bus station). It’s an adequate and central place with bolt-lock doors and a few channels on the TV. It looks a bit better from outside than in – you pay an extra $3 if you turn on the AC, and not all work equally. From the terraces (accessed by rooms or hallway) you can watch orange sunsets dip over Sam Mountain. No breakfast.
Tel 076-867-622; 6 Phan Van Vang St; rooms with fan/AC $5/8

Grand and glitzy out front, a bit more basic inside, the central Song Sao’s $16 rooms – overlooking an active little park – are best, as the back ones were a bit musty. These also have balconies. There’s an elevator.
Tel 076-561-777; 12-13 Nguyen Huu Canh; rooms $11, $13 & $16

Half way up Sam Mountain (a 15-minute moto ride from the center), this eight-room guesthouse is something you’ll ever love or leave. I did the latter. The guesthouse – not a ‘homestay’ by any means – has some nice views, but is a bit scrappy and you can be quite stranded if they don’t have a bike or motorcycle handy to rent. (They say they have both, but had neither when I pondered staying.) Drop by Mekong Tours in town and check before heading out. Some tours stay here.
Tel 076-861-870; [email protected]; rooms $7

Mekong Tours’ local guesthouse, the VP has out-lived its use in Chau Doc. Boxy rooms are way aged. Hopefully they’ll refresh them soon. Nice little café on the ground floor though.
Tel 076-866-242; 12-14 Quang Trung; rooms with fan/AC $5/7