Nha Trang hotelsNha Trang’s hotel scene is visible — check out the growing skyline on the waterfront — and endless. Below is an alphabetical list of recommended hotels, and links to the same hotel reviews ordered by preference within three budget groups. Also see NORTH OF NHA TRANG for a few choices around Doc Let Bay.

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Best Luxury Hotel EVASON HIDEAWAY (see Around Nha Trang)
Best Cheap Hotel NICE HOTEL

A decade old, the relaxed, 74-room Ana is the undisputed king of the beach in Nha Trang city – it’s the only one on the beach in town, and its shady villas offer a sense of tropics other hotels don’t. Villas come with wood floors, vaulted bamboo ceilings, private terrace decks with garden or sea views, and – a bit less tropical – DVD players. The Six Senses spa occupies its own lush part of the resort, with moated sitting areas. There’s WiFi in the open lobby (or DSL in the rooms), two swimming pools, a tennis court and free bikes to ride around town. Best is the beach, which is essentially a private stretch, as the hotel is farther south of the main Nha Trang action. For notch way up in luxury and private beaches, check the Evason Hideway (below).
Tel 058-522-222;, [email protected]; Tran Phu St; villas from US$266
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If you have the money, this private ‘jungle village’ island – reached by boat 15km north of Nha Trang – is where to go; recently Miss Vietnam became Mrs Vietnam out here. Traditional villas have air-conditioned bedrooms with huge shuttered doors and windows, and an open common area – oh, and a private pool. Plus deserted island necessitites like satellite TV, DVD players, a private wine cellar (not joking). The Six Senses Spa is on hand if you really want to go nuts.
Tel 058-522-222;, [email protected]; Ninh Vinh Bay; villas from US$667
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Friendly, typical budget hotel worth considering for its US$30-40 rooms in front (with beach views) or back (with mountain views). Some with balconies. There’s WiFi throughout and a lift. Rooms in middle are US$20.
Tel 058-524-496;, [email protected]; 1K-2K Hung Vuong St; rooms US$20, US$30 & US$40

Praised by some guests for good location and views in the US$50 range, this long-time Nha Trang hotel could use some fixing up. The views are amazing, with many of the 121 rooms’ balconies towering over the sea, but compact room conditions are a bit scrappy, with some stains on the beige carpets, ageing bathroom tile and ugly floral bedspreads. There’s a popular nightclub reached from the lobby. Rates range by floor and location. Free breakfast.
Tel 058-521-500;, [email protected]; 42 Tran Phu St; rooms US$47-70, suites US$130
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On a back lane in the budget-hotel area, the 10-floor, sky-blue Nice Hotel is as billed: nice and friendly, nice and cheap, nice and not-in-the-guidebooks-yet. Opened in February 2007, the 40 rooms mix designs – blue carpet, beige tile – but all have wicker chairs, AC and cheap art on the wall. It’s hard to pass on the US$15 room, with windows looking over the sea, and out to the mountains. Free Internet, no breakfast.
Tel 058-527-379; [email protected]; 6D Quan Tran/Huong Vung St; rooms US$10-25

Guidebook plugs ensure this well-run cheapie fills often. There’s a nice lobby with café and computers to use, and it’s hard not to appreciate the ‘modern’ effort that go into the 21 budget rooms, like unexpected details like faux white-brick walls, potted plants, wood floors (for the higher-priced rooms anyway). It’s half a block from the beach. Free breakfast.
Tel 058-524-286;, [email protected]; 4A Biet Thu St; rooms with fan/AC US$10/12-25

The friendly 60-room Phu Quy 2 has clean, small, wood-floor rooms with glass full glass walls looking over the beach, half a block away. Even small rooms have a little sitting area, and the token cheesy art on the walls. Free breakfast is served on the 15th-floor, near the tiny roof pool. There’s free Internet to use in the lobby, plus WiFi througout. Staff are great, and it’s popular with foreign and domestic tourists. A nearby hotel blocks a bit of views from some rooms.
Tel 058-525-050;, [email protected]; 1 Tue Tinh St; rooms including breakfast without/with balcony US$35-38/45-50, suites US$88

A newby, and a busy one, the Rainbow has 45 predictable, budget-hotel rooms – some with views of the water. Staff seemed more intent to help the groups checking in, but it seems like good-value. The free breakfast is served on the 12th floor.
Tel 058-525-458; [email protected]; 10A Biet Thu St; rooms US$25

Put Disneyland, Vegas, the ‘Hollywood’ sign, and a cheap cruise in a blender and you get something like Vinpearl. Which is something like paradise for some families – particularly rich Vietnamese, overseas Vietnamese and many Russians (Russian folk songs get air time at the beach bar). On its Hon Tre Island in the south part of Nha Trang’s bay, the Vinpearl has a private beach, but many guests stick with the endless kid-oriented pool – the largest in Southeast Asia – is a shallow sprawling amoeba-shaped beast with volleyball, basketball and polo areas; another quieter pool, plus tennis courts, are around too. The rather formal lobby has the big open buffet area (breakfast is free – it’s about 75% Asian stuff, but good). The 230 (and counting) rooms – yes they have those too – have more style (Sofitel’s influence undoubtedly), with ample space, wood floors, big comfy beds and balconies. The hotel is opening up another wing that will mean, oh, a couple hundred more rooms of little kids jumping in that big crazy pool.

Note: Vinpearl also runs an AMUSEMENT PARK, back on the city-side of the island. The island is reached by a speedboat (free; goes every 30 minutes and take about six or seven minutes) from a few kilometers south of Nha Trang center. Nonguests bound for the amusement park must take the color cable cars that stretch unsightly over the bay (US$5 each way, guests pay too).

Tel 058-598-188;, [email protected]; Hon Tre Island; rates from US$160
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This budget hotel is a bit cuter outside than in. But the 16 rooms – with pink walls, tile floors, no windows in some – is all clean and half a block from the sea. No breakfast.
Tel 058-522-889; [email protected]; 1 Tran Quang Khai St; rooms US$12-17

This elegant, slightly mis-named, business-oriented hotel across Tran Phu St from the beach, is an excellent choice if you don’t mind being more in the thick of it than at Ana Mandara or the Disney-esque Vinpearl. Up from the all-white marble lobby (with piped-in piano muzak) are the 121 carpeted rooms. The deluxe – about US$15 or US$25 more than the superiors – is almost too big. All go for understated creams and beiges, with a bit of color coming from the cranberry sofa with orange cushions set near the sliding French doors that look onto the Roman-column swimming pool. The hotel has a Japanese restaurant (open lunch only) and top-floor bar (open after 5pm). Lots of business talk buzzes in the lobby bar. Qi spa on site. Free breakfast.
Tel 058-820-000;; 12-14 Tran Phu St; Internet rates incl breakfast from US$130
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Inside the Violet, the 38 basic rooms go with green tile, pink walls and clunky wood furniture – you have to go outside to see purple reign. It’s all clean and comfortable, with lifts to reach the seven floors. No breakfast.
Tel 058-522-314; [email protected]; 12 Biet Thu St; rooms US$19-22

One way to get your own island, and not pay oodles, is this secluded, French-run resort with 23 bamboo bungalows – all comfortable, but nothing posh. Rates depend on length of stay and number of people. A double for two days, including all meals, is US$255 on the beach, US$205 on the garden. There’s a private beach, canoes and wind surf boards to rent, plus diving/snorkeling trips wit Rainbow Divers here (from US$50 for a one-tank dive/US$25). It takes a couple hours to get here, including a short boat ride, from Nha Trang.
Tel 058-840-501;