Do you have travel regrets? (Spoiler: Yes)


People like to say they live without regrets, but people can be liars. So let’s not be silly: everyone regrets something. And in this month’s UK version of National Geographic Traveller I explain why I have heaps of travel regrets, and how that … Read on

Why Eastern Oregon is the USA’s most underrated region (Spoiler: beer)

20150519_185606 (1)

I like Eastern Oregon a lot. I wrote about it for National Geographic Traveler, and helped a five-year-old make a video about it last year. More recently, I wrote this piece for the Los Angeles Times on why Portland doesn’t own the Oregon … Read on

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Wait, there are women Rush Fans? Yes. [Video]


Kindly watch this short video: Everything you know about fans of Rush is probably wrong. That sort of bore out recently when I attended RushCon, a “Star Trek convention for Rush fans,” and found out it’s NOT only guys miming drum fills in 18-minute … Read on

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Oklahoma’s Last Stop [Article]


I grew up in Oklahoma, which means I grew up flipping through the pages of Oklahoma Today magazine. I have a feature in its latest issue on the Oklahoma Panhandle, a dream trip I took with my 76-year-old uncle last fall. It’s one of my … Read on

Why all the fudge?


I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about fudge in recent years. Not about eating it. I don’t like it. But why it’s fudge — even more so than taffy — that best marks an arrival for a “tourist trap” strip of … Read on

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St Lucia Postcard Series: Want one?


This week I’m going to St Lucia to track down a clarinet tutor. And I’ll be packing my stunning new clarinet, a sky blue/gold woodwind named “Jeff” (see right). While I’m at it, I want to publish an “article” by postcard. I’ll do … Read on

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