In case you missed it: 10 fascinating things of the week

Here are some things I found fascinating from the last week: Frederick the Great, a possibly gay German warrior king who befriended Voltaire and tried to run away from his abusive father, is tributed in Germany with a small potato. An Amish man is being charged for hate crime, including forced beard-shavings. His name is Mullet. Marky Ramone — drummer of the Ramones … Read on

I’m a Pretty Big Deal (in Saskatoon)

I wrote a song for Saskatoon recently (debuted at the end of this video). And apparently Saskatoon is delighted. A local on this CBC News TV broadcast calls the song ‘pretty catchy.’ Global Saskatoon broadcast says ‘Saskatoon Sensation’ does a ‘good job.’ Article covering it on CTV News. And a delighted Saskatoon is a delighted Robert.

Finding the Saskatoon Sensation [video]

Ever since reading about Timbuktu in Dr Seuss’ ‘Hop on Pop’ as a kid, I’ve concocted all sorts of wild visions of what places are like based on the sound of their names. The more unusual, the more magical the skyline I envisioned. Of course, it rarely works out that way — Tahlequah isn’t all that different from Fort Smith — but it … Read on