Who is Robert Reid? RboertI’m a Oklahoma-raised, Brooklyn-based freelance writer who has written guidebooks for Lonely Planet from 2003 to 2009 that have sold, and sell, around one million copies (that means I’ve a platinum-seller guidebook author). Previously I worked at Lonely Planet’s Oakland and London offices as Series Publishing Manager to Shoestring and Multi-Country guides — and I’ve updated a dozen guides in the past five years (including Southeast Asia, Myanmar, Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia, Romania, Eastern Europe, Central America, Colombia & New York City). While at LP, one of the most common requests was to make ‘customized’ books so that someone going to Paraguay or Suriname needn’t buy the full 1116-page South America guide. When Lonely Planet asked me to update the Vietnam guide in 2006 — a dream since I lived in Saigon in the late ’90s — I decided to make one for myself instead.

In my spare time, I try to recruit failed bands of the Failed Bands of Oklahoma, an ongoing effort for failed artists of all stripes (magicians, musicians, poets, dentists) to gather for a one-night performance in the Oklahoma panhandle. May even happen one day.