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Cat CatJust outside Sapa to the northwest, you have to pay 5000D (about US$0.30) to enter the CAT CAT VILLAGE area. A couple kilometers farther, following a sharp S-curve in the road, a sign points off the road to the village. (You must park a bike or motorbike here to walk down.) You’ll see many local women in red-and-black tunics and pants-less babies running around with chickens and piglets – some will likely try to sell you local handicrafts. The trail ends about 20 minute below at the waterfalls, where two rivers converge (just across a swinging bridge).

There’s a trail along farther down to less-visited, quite-traditional SIN CHAI VILLAGE, but it’s best to have a guide show you the way. Alternatively you can go by the road. Back up on the highway go 4km farther down the hill, merging right at a fork after a couple kilometers, to reach Sinh Chai.

Some visitors walk down here from Sapa then take an offer from lingering motorbike taxis for the ride back up (about US$1).