London Secret: Nebraska St


Nothing in the world of travel planning pays more than to study maps. While living in London a decade ago, I noticed an enlarged street plan posted in a Tube stop highlighting an area south of the river. A wee lane caught my … Read on

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Valentine, Nebraska Day

What are residents of Valentine, Nebraska called? Valentines? I hope so. Eleven years ago I was there in Valentine — amidst a six-week Great Plains roadtrip. I really enjoyed much of western Nebraska. A look at Fort Robinson, where Crazy Horse was betrayed … Read on

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Journal: Omaha Man, 2001

I’m in the long process of digitizing a couple dozen journals put together on Lonely Planet, and other, research trips over the past decade or so. I really liked this guy, met in Omaha on my first LP assignment: updating the Great Plains … Read on

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Random Photo of the Week: Enter Nebraska

For many people, Nebraska is one of those states in the way. Between cities and mountains, here and there. But when I first drove into Nebraska, it meant something. Growing up in Oklahoma, Nebraska was a fierce yet respected football rival. So crossing … Read on

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Favorite Place in the World

Travel talk is a lot like the “Price Is Right Game” Plinko. You drop little chips that bounce on metal pegs unexpectedly left and right (like chatting between funny souvenirs, stolen wallets, great banana pancakes, taxi scams, mountains climbed, dandruff). Eventually on the … Read on

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