The Cereal Roadtrip: 76-Second Travel Show


Nothing in the world is better than breakfast cereal. A couple months ago I was writing about the Kinks in my daily journal, and the subject led me in a long missive on cereal. Then I stopped to check a few things online, and learned about Dr Caleb Jackson — a very interesting man. A Civil War-era health nut entrepreneur with a crazy-long … Read on

NYC Gives Away July 4 Show to Jersey

Per the New York Times today, New York City is snubbing its residents by moving the July 4 fireworks from the East River (amidst population-heavy areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens) to the Hudson River. The move gives New Jersey residents — who don’t pay for the fireworks — a better front-yard look than anyone in New York City (except Nicole Kidman*). That … Read on