Right Pants: My new travel show trailer

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Welcome to the Right Pants, a new travel show dedicated to illustrate how to enjoy the world through some deceptively progressive techniques. Over the coming months, I’ll share insights on all sides of travel. From things like how to properly remember a trip to how to deal with travel lies and Walt Whitman hangovers. The first issue should be ready in a week.

Abe & me: When empty fields mean powerful travel

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Do we really need to visit a place just because something big, tragic, important happened there long ago? If we’re really being honest, I bet we often don’t know what to make of an in-person appearance at many historical sites. Just give it a nod, a stare, a photo, and a silent departure. Noisy traffic or faceless office building overlooking a stone marker … Read on

76: Niagara Falls! Saved by… Forts!!

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John Steinbeck visited Niagara Falls in 1960, while on his Travels with Charley roadtrip, and summed it up simply with ‘Niagara Falls is very nice.’ And it is. But when you go, as 12 million do each year, and see the cynical embrace of 1980s-era commercialism and $15 Imax screenings of the falls a stone’s throw from the real thing, it’s hard not … Read on