Robert-Edward-ReidI’m not a “professional” videographer, but I’ve made over 100 travel videos, most as part of the 76-Second Travel Show series or my new show The Right Pants. These are DIY, one-guy affairs, using hand-held cams, a box of crayons to make graphs and using iMovie to put it altogether.

I like a lot of them. Others seem to too. I’ve spoken on video at TBEX and the New York Times Travel Show. The New York Times called said my “quick, low production value videos” have the “right attitude.” Deliciously Saskatoon TV called my “rhapsody” video made for their city as “pretty catchy.” And later I contributed to this  series of videos on seeing Canada “like a local” where I got to do things like host bagel festivals and play hockey with 12-year-olds.

Your action points:

You can see all my videos on YouTube, and I’ve put a handful of my favorites below.

The Full Mounty

I got to train with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for a couple days in Regina, Saskatchewan. And learned I’m probably not “Mountie” material.

Flying with Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson

Singer/fencer/writer/pilot, Bruce Dickinson breaks from a Maiden tour to fly Iceland Express to Iceland. I joined him.

Forting around Niagara Falls

The Falls itself can feel like a tourist trap. The key to making it pay off is the FORTS.

Pirates vs Vikings!

Why travel if it can’t answer key questions like who would have won the ultimate showdown of history: pirates or Vikings?

Lou Reed of Travel

The best way to remember Lou Reed is making one. For travel.


The Chester Arthur pants-shaped sandwich

New York City’s sandwich scene offers a very unexpected presidential experience.

Saskatoon Sensation: A travel rhapsody

Everyone likes getting local tips. But what if locals gave lyrics?

Manhattan Bridge’s 100th birthday party

The city didn’t throw a party for the Manhattan, so I did.

Boley rodeo!

I grew up in Oklahoma and never knew about this African-American town, or centuries-old rodeo tradition.

Who does Rip Van Winkle think he is?

The literary underachiever picked one of the East Coast’s most beautiful spots to sleep for two decades.

How do Civil War reenactors “die”?

I ask the rebs at Gettysburg to find out. And still don’t know.


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