What are the travel dreams of Iron Maiden?

Last month I flew with Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, who’s flying for Iceland Express this summer (amidst a busy Maiden tour — the guy’s got energy). Much more happened than can be packed into a three-minute video — him joking with the Icelandic crew, paying off his co-pilot $1 for a nice comment, whisking me past security, watching TSA agents asking when Maiden’s playing New York next, getting on the Reykjavik tarmac to admire the Iron Maiden’s Ed Force One from below.

Check out my full Q&A on Lonely Planet.

Thanks to Bruce. And my pals in Tulsa’s Bozack for the soundtrack.

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Robert Reid is a travel writer (Lonely Planet, New York Times, ESPN), travel expert (Today Show, CNN's Headline News), travel videographer (76-Second Travel Show) and travel artist (don't ask).
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  1. Austin Beeman says:

    It is easy to see why that video got so many views so quickly, but I much preferred your “How to Be a Time Traveler” video.

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