In case you missed it: 10 fascinating things of the week

Here are some things I found fascinating from the last week:

  1. Frederick the Great, a possibly gay German warrior king who befriended Voltaire and tried to run away from his abusive father, is tributed in Germany with a small potato.
  2. An Amish man is being charged for hate crime, including forced beard-shavings. His name is Mullet.
  3. Marky Ramone — drummer of the Ramones — now makes pasta sauce. He recommends ‘go kiss someone you love.’
  4. The WTO estimates that the number of travelers in 2012 will break one billion.
  5. Apparently 226 million vacation days in the US will not be used in 2012.
  6. Eight-two stranded dolphins have been found at Cape Cod.
  7. BBC’s Sherlock is a lot better than the dumb Sherlock Holmes film series with Robert Downey Jr.
  8. PBS’ documentary on George Custer doesn’t mention Crazy Horse or the fate of the Lakota Sioux.
  9. The only US state to lose population in the last census? Michigan. (I’m late to this.)
  10. You can fly to St Martin for under $400 in peak season, take a $15 ferry to celebby Anguilla, rent a car for $50 and stay in a nice B&B for $135. DIY Caribbean.

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