Agent Clarineteur: Going to St Lucia

clarinet2For years, I’ve dreamed of traveling to a random place – preferably in the Caribbean – and pack a special tool to help find a deeper understanding of how local life really lives. I’m talking about a clarinet.

And next week, I’m going to St Lucia, and I’m packing a clarinet. And I’m going to make a video about what happens.

Yes, absolutely I’ll see the beaches, I’ll climb the mountains, I’ll see live jazz at its annual jazz festival, I’ll ride in boats, I’ll eat some fish, I’ll look at volcanoes and old French forts, I’ll re-read the delicious words of St Lucian poet Derek Walcott.

clarinet4And I’ll also track down a clarinet teacher.

And I’m betting $5 – delivered to the first person who calls me out if I fail (and I might) – that I can get more of an understanding of St Lucia with that woodwind than anything else.

Plus I might learn some scales.

(Here are 13 startling facts about clarinets I’ve dug up recently.)

But first, I need your help. I don’t know what to call this whole thing. Any thoughts about these three?

clarinet1(Or maybe a fourth idea, “just stop with the clarinets already??”)

What do you think?

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 10.49.05 AMOh, did you know that Mozart said, of all instruments, that the clarinet tone most resembled the human voice? And hence – yes, I’m stretching it a bit here – no device then can better transmit local voice than one?

Meanwhile, listen to Mozart’s greatest clarinet hit:

Note: I’ll be a guest at the jazz festival with the help of St Lucia Tourism

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10 Responses to Agent Clarineteur: Going to St Lucia

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  2. musingsofadrseussfanandreya says:

    you should check out Saint Lucia School of Music …… its really great……

  3. musingsofadrseussfanandreya says:

  4. Robert Reid says:

    Thanks you. I know about that school — planning to visit both locations and get a clarinet lesson from the teacher at the Vieux Fort. Should be fun.

    • says:

      I work at the school so see you soon

  5. Robert Reid says:

    Super. Which location do you work at — in Castries or the Vieux Fort? I’m planning to come by Castries on May 9 to see some rehearsals and talk to some people about music on St Lucia. Perhaps you?

    • says:

      Umm I should be there….. Jazz week gets a little busy…im in the north

      • Robert Reid says:

        Any chance you could email me — through “contact” on this site — so I can email and see if there’s a time to meet? I’d love to talk with someone briefly at the school for the video on Saturday May 11 or Sunday May 12! Thanks for reading!

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