Out of convenience, many visitors get their noodles and pizzas and eggs in the OLD QUARTER. Food’s slightly better (and more western) in the CATHEDRAL DISTRICT, and the slickest spots in town tend to be in the posher FRENCH QUARTER or more distant alleyways SOUTH OF THE CENTER. That said, the food stalls across Hanoi serve up the classics as well as anyone in town.

Best restaurant CHIM SAO (see South of Center)
Best fancy Vietnamese WILD LOTUS (see South of Center)
Best pizza MEDITERRANEO (see Cathedral Area)
Best hotel restaurant LE CLUB BAR/SOFITEL METROPOLITAN (see French Quarter)
Best breakfast buffet KOTO (see French Quarter)
Best pho (beef noodle soup) PHO GIA TRUYEN (see Old Quarter) • Best café CAFE PHO CO (see Old Quarter)