Occasionally I get emails where people ask me questions and I write back the answers. Here’s a handful of the Q&As/profiles about me and my travels.

New York Post Earning his wings

Outside’s Perfect Adventures Why moose are the bulldogs of the wild

BBC’s Forms of ID Who I’d invite to Nuremberg to study clarinet

Amateur Travel Define Oklahoma in three words? “Stay gold ponyboy” (my favorite, and longest, interview ever)

Titanic Awards On the worst things in travel, like Baltimore’s sports fans

Johnny Jet’s Travel Style: Why I’m not huge on Spanish food

Miss Adventures’ What I Read Why I’m more selective with information than food

Travel Writing 2.0 How I became a travel writer

Rolf Potts’ Travel Writers Q&As Why I blame Mexico City for all this

Dave’s Travel Corner That time Siberian truck drivers pointed at my face, laughed and apologized

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