HON CHONG - Attractions

Hon Chong BeachHon Chong’s long DUONG BEACH, named for the pine trees that line it, is split into two by the rocky outcrop that’s home to the Hon Trem Resort. The west side is lined with basic fish eateries, where you can point out what you want from open tanks, and swing in hammocks while it’s being made. The beach is pleasant enough – better than Mui Nai’s, near Ha Tien.

At the end of the beach, the beach wraps up at the rocky point, where you can visit CHUA HANG (Cave Temple). Near the concession stands away from the water, a path leads into a pagoda on the limestone hills – go in, as it leads into the mural-lined cave temple (carry your shoes) and out through a gate onto the beach on the opposite side.

Along the water here is a cliff-lined pathway, past a couple small beaches, towards the HON PHU TU (Father & Son Isle), 100m offshore. Unfortunately, it’s just the son now – a 2006 storm ‘killed’ the father by knocking the stone column into the sea. You can hire a boat to the island, and to nearby Hang Tien Grotto, a stalactite and stalagmite–filled cave). It’s 9000D per person, but they only go when there’s 15 to 20 people (frequently on weekends).