Bo Resort bungalow, Phu QuocMost people heading to Phu Quoc stay in the shoulder-to-shoulder stretch of guesthouses and resorts south of Duong Dong town on Truong Beach (usually called ‘Long Beach’). Most have beach-side restaurants and many have lounge chairs and shade on the beach. A few have swimming pools. There are a few super, remote places to stay in the north of the island too, such as the elevated bungalows of Bo Resort (left).

Tip: If you know where you want to stay, and book it beforehand, your accommodations should provide free transfers to/from the airport. If you don’t, have a Honda guy take you to five or so to make up your mind; I did: the (relatively hefty) US$3.75 was worth throwing down to browse six or so before picking a place to set up for a few days.

Check hotel listings by area or budget:

OVER $100
$25 TO $100

Warning: Unless you’re at a $100 resort, you’re likely to have a lizard visitor or two in your room. They’re harmless and help out by eating more-annoying bugs.