Warning: At busy times, like Tet (Vietnamese New Year) in late January/early February or around Christmas, it’s common that travelers get stuck on Phu Quoc, as boats and flights are completely full. Bad weather, common during rainy season (roughly May to November), also stops transport off the island. Be prepared to lose a couple days if you go at these times…


Vietnam Airlines sends four or five daily flights to/from Saigon ($32.50/65 one way/return) and one to/from Rach Gia ($17/34 one way). At research time, flights to Saigon left at 7.35am, 8.20am, 11.55am and 2.30pm daily (plus 10.50am Tue, Thu & Sun); flights to Rach Gia left at 9.20 am (Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat), at 8.10am (Tue, Thu & Sun).

The Duong Dong airport is in the middle of town. If you need another day of beach time, it’s a cinch to change flight times without fee (depending on availability). Just call VIETNAM AIRLINES (tel 0773-980-778; 291 Nguyen Trung Truc) and ask; staff speak English. Check the latest timetables at


The speed boat to/from Rach Gia leaves from An Thoi on the southern end of Phu Quoc at 8am (two boats) and 1.30pm (one or two boats). Everyone in town arranges for the tickets – just ask at your hotel. The 2-1/2-hour trip costs $10 (160,000D).

A slow-boat from Bon Hong (near Ha Tien) reaches Phu Quoc at Ham Ninh on the east coast. The trip is shorter by distance, but takes three hours. Don’t consider it in rainy season when waves make for a rough, sometimes dangerous, experience. In August 2006, a boat capsized, killing all aboard. Boats leave in the morning; a ticket is $7.50 (120,000D).

Getting to Your Hotel

If you have a reservation, your hotel should provide free transfers. If you arrive by boat or airplane, xe om (motorcycle taxi) guys will find you. It’s about $1.25 (20,000D) to get taken to a Long Beach resort from the airport, or about $2.50 (40,000D) from the An Thoi boat docks. There’s also a bus that runs from An Thoi to Duong Dong town ($0.95; 15,000D). It’s also possible to arrange a car taxi from the airport.


Call tel 0773-982-982 to rent a car with driver; it’s 700,000D to travel across the island, or 500,000D if you stick with either the north or south. Carole Restaurant (see Restaurants) arranges jeeps with driver for half/full day for $19/31.

Everyone rents motorbikes. The standard rate from bungalow resorts is $6.25 (100,000D) for the day – usually good in daylight hours unless you arrange longer rentals. Cheaper is Carole Restaurant (see Restaurants), where you can pick up a motorbike for $4.40 (70,000D) per day.