Regretable Travel Brochures

Romania is a wonderful country to visit — I might call it Europe’s most fascinating, considering its mountains, traditional life, and its horse carts rolling over highways and onto ancient paths as if the new age had never come. But there are somethings about it that is a bit unnerving.

  • The drivers are crazy.
  • The stray dogs of Bucharest.
  • Then there’s the Dracula thing, which manifests itself in hokey ‘Dracula hotels’ and restaurants and at least one castle where Vlad Tepes — the real life Dracula — may or may not have dropped by and defecated on a lone overnighter in the 15th century.

None of this can rival the horrors found in even a random sample of Romanian tourist brochures, each peppered with unexpected collage techniques, models in painful positions, actual torture, blurry borders on aged photos, scary guys with beards.

Of course, Romania is not alone in poorly conceived travel brochures, so I’ve thumbed through a stack and come up with TEN TIPS on how you can make your own travel brochures.

–> ACTION POINT: If you’ve come across questionably planned travel brochures, REPORT THEM. Please scan and post at the new ‘Regretable Travel Brochures’ group on

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