I’m in a Brochure!

it’s the AMERICAN dream

Something remarkable has happened.

A few years ago I flirted with the idea of restaging the Battle of Brooklyn, the obscure (but huge) battle of the Revolutionary War that sent scampy colonials running for the Bronx via Manhattan — a huge, potential war-ending victory for the British before the war really got started.

The problem is, someone already was ‘restaging’ it, more or less, at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery. So I went. (Read about it here.)

This week is ‘Battle Week’ in Brooklyn, with a host of events linked with the battle. I happened to grab a brochure today, and noticed something shocking: I’M IN IT.

Check it out:

See the guy in the background? NO ONE but me wears green shorts like that. And the reenactor in question is someone I talked to too (footage also made this video). Here’s my photo of the same bloke:

Getting accidentally included in a brochure due to bad photo-cropping skills? Check that off my list. So no matter what happens next, I got that going for me.

For more on Battle Week, go to www.theoldstonehouse.org.

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