Who’s your dream travel companion?

I got asked this little chestnut recently: who would you travel with, past or present, given the choice. I thought back to the past — I once answered this with Crazy Horse — but decided pretty much all historical figures smelled bad. So the choice was easy, as I wrote for BBC.com/travel: Urban Meyer, the new Ohio State football coach. Here’s why:

I’ve watched football all my life, and I’m not short of opinions on what teams need to do on third and fourth on their own 38-yard line with 4:51 to go in the third quarter. But I really know nothing about all those cute terms of formations and philosophies coaches talk about. And no one knows more than Urban.

Here’s why I picked Germany with clarinets as the type of trip we’d take.

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  1. Joshywashington says:

    Certainly Hunter S. Thompson. i would put a Gopro on his head and give him Mescalin (or is it the other way around?).

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