Is it “Spring Break” or “break in spring”?

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Spring Break turns 53 this year, well sort of. A few years ago, while wondering if Spring Break is “travel” or not for an episode of the “76-Second Travel Show,” I tracked down Barbara Keith, one of the many college-age girls who went to Ft Lauderdale because, as the 1960 movie put it, it’s Where the Boys Are. She ended up staying for good, though … Read on

Chekhov Was Here

Ah, the “following the footsteps of” article. I’m guilty. Last year, while updating Lonely Planet’s Trans-Siberian Railway, I retraced parts of the most punk-rock trips of all time (and wrote about it for World Hum): Anton Chekhov’s trip across Russia in 1890 to spend a summer living in a penal colony. It was pretty courageous. Going a year before the train construction began, … Read on

Novy Urgal: Boredom in a BAM Town

Novy Urgal, the lead town from the eastern stretches of the BAM railway, is clearly not a place most, or any, travellers will come to. The train station has no guesthouse, and a tragic toilet for those needing it. The hotel is under renovation — if you can find it — and a scattered group of tile-peeling buildings are lined along dusty streets … Read on