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If you can wing the tag – but don’t have Nam Hai money – there’s really no choice this wonderful 105-room beachfront resort with atmospheric ponds and canals running through its ample grounds. Rooms are divvied by theme of décor – Japanese, Vietnamese, French. The cheapest ‘superior’ rooms (with balconies and vaulted ceilings on the upper floors) are lined up along a ‘Hoi An’–style street. Try upping for ‘deluxe beach front’ rooms though (from US$180), such as the graceful Japanese beachfront deluxe, with soft bamboo floors, a glass-walled rock garden inside, and a back patio facing the sand. The five ‘honeymoon suites’ adds a shower in the rock garden, and TV area separate from the bedroom. There’s a great pool, three bars, a spa, one restaurant, two tennis courts, WiFi in the lobby and plenty of activities. In all, it’s probably the best of the Victorias in Vietnam.
Tel 0510-927-040;; Cua Dai Beach; superior/deluxe rooms from US$125/180
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When money’s not an option, Nam Hai is your number-one luxury spot in Vietnam. Opened in December 2006, the isolated Nam Hai – made up 100 villas on a mile-long beach a long ways from the Cua Dai beach action – is a stunning shot into a world you see in dream-only luxury magazines. All’s designed like a mod take on traditional Vietnamese architecture – like a Temple of Literature with trompe l’oeil cascading pools and a ‘floating’ spa on a lily-pad pond. Service is great too (there’s 600 employees to pamper the maximum 450 guests!). You get to your room by concierge’s golf cart, and every turn in the complex leads to more surprises. A one-bedroom villa features a net-wrapped bed platform with TV, sunken writing desk and lounge, all surrounded by shiny wood floors: it feels like a self-contained boat in a river of shiny wood floors. It, and the seating area below, look out to the palms and beach. These run US$550, but do try for a private pool villa (from US$850), with its own pool. It’s more affordable – in a splurging pinch – if a few couples, or a family, go in together for a two/three-bedroom villa for (US$1100/1400). Each couple gets a private villa and shares the huge common villa with TV and views of the private pool. Go quick: the price will rise more after April 2008 though. Indian restaurant with Bombay chef, four tennis courts, basketball court, three common pools, WiFi, fitness center.
Tel 0510-940-000;, [email protected]; Dien Duong Village, mid way from China Beach and Hoi An’s Cua Dai Beach; rooms from US$550
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By far the best beach back-up to the Victoria at this price range, the faintly colonial-style GS has pleasant rooms with balconies and a massive pool (like merging five big ones). Its 2007 summer deals were an excellent value at US$80 per night.
Tel 0510-927-555;; Cua Dai Beach; rooms from US$160

This nice 160-room resort, away from the bulk of beachfront activity (a kilometer north of the access road from Hoi An), offers beach, a big pool and comfortable rooms – worth considering if it’s US$50 or so cheaper than the Victoria. The 2007 summer promotion was US$150 the first night, US$68 the second – with free breakfast buffet.
Tel 0510-927-927;; Cua Dai Beach; rooms from US$150
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