Famed for its TAILORS, Hoi An’s old town is something of a street mall, with tailors and souvenir shops cuddled side by side. Few visitors come to Hoi An without getting a dress, skirt, shirt or suite made. If you’re serious about getting a runway-ready outfit or wedding gown made, come prepared. Though there are hundreds (literally) of high-quality tailors that churn out clothes (too?) fast – often in 24 hours.


Bring examples. If you love a certain shirt or skirt, bring it. They can copy it in a new, lighter, crazier fabric.
Bring photos. Look through designer mags before coming and pull out the things that catch your eye.
Bring your own fabric? Tailors here carry a much more thorough stock of cheapie, mid-level, high-end fabrics than they did a decade ago. If you’re particular on a certain kind of fabric, pack it before you come.
Shop around. Don’t take the first offer (of the many you will get). Interview a few tailors, and make a decision based on the quality you see in their racks, the level of communication, and the price. And gut.

Dresses or suits can cost US$30 to over US$200, depending on quality of fabric and tailor. A popular high-end place, with a few locations, is YA LY (tel 0510-861-119;; 47 Tran Phu St), which makes suits from US$75 and dresses from US$45.

If you’re wanting to search out different fabrics, go by the CLOTH MARKET (Tran Phu St), an old-school market filled with various fabrics – including those clashy colors you see on locals in pajamas.

Souvenir-wise, HOA NAP HANDICRAFTS (tel 0510-910-168; [email protected]; 103 Nguyen Thai Hoc St; open 8am-9pm) is a slightly world-musicy, workshop place with all sorts of handmade knickknacks – starting from US$5 animal puppets, floral purses (US$8) – all made by disabled artisans.