CHAU DOC - Attractions

Sam Mountain View, Chau DocSome people don’t care for Chau Doc town itself, others (like myself) love it – but there’s no denying the things to do around town that can fill a couple days without much effort. Setting up a boat tour is a breeze, and it’s interesting standing atop a mountain in the mostly flat Mekong. If you rent a bike, or hop on back of one, you can access some superb scenery and attractions, such as the Vietnam War site Tuc Dup hill (arguably more interesting than Cu Chi) and the lush birdlife of Tra Su – both of which could be seen on while heading south to Ha Tien.

For more on these options, click on the following links:

BOAT TOURS Floating villages, access to Cham communities
SAM MOUNTAIN Pagodas and pathways
TRA SU BIRD SANCTUARY Boat rides to the tune of thousands
TUP DUC HILL VC base in crevices of a $2 million ‘pile of rocks’