Vietnam Airlines flights to/from Saigon (about US$40), Hanoi (about US$90) and Danang are handled from Cam Ranh Airport, a half-bumpy 35km ride south of Nha Trang (about US$10 by taxi).

(tel 058-526-768; 91 Ngueyn Thien Thuat St; open 7.30-11am & 2-4.30pm daily) has an office in town too.


Nearly all bus travelers go on ‘open buses’ served by many local agents. The bus to Saigon (US$6; 10hr) and Mui Ne (US$4; 5hr) leaves at 8am and 8.30pm; the bus to Dalat Dalat (US$4; 5hr) leaves at 8am. Only a night bus goes to Hoi An (US$6; 11hr), leaving at 7.30pm. If you’re headed to Hue or Hanoi, you must change buses in Hoi An.

In summer 2007, ‘sleeper bus’ service started going to/from Saigon, which has fully reclinable ‘bunk seats’ that are usually more comfortable. Contact TRA LAN VIEN TRAVEL (tel 058-229-489; 48C Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St) about getting a ticket (US$6.90); buses leave at 8.30am and 8.30pm.

Only ‘local buses’ and mini-vans go to Ban Me Thuot, five hours inland. Tickets can cost up to 100,000D (US$6.25). One mini-van that goes is PHUONG THAO (tel 058-833-192). The local bus station is 1km west of the city center, on 23 Thang 10 St.


(tel 058-817-817)


The train station (tel 058-822-113; Thai Nguyen St) sends trains to Saigon (US$15.40; 7-8hr), Danang (US$20-23; 8-10hr), Hue (US$28; 11-13hr) and Hanoi (US$58-63; 23-27hr).