In the Navy: Travels on the USS Fort McHenry

Navy Ship USS Ft McHenry flight Deck

I never considered going into the military but I’ve nevertheless saw the US Navy as my ‘armed service of choice.’ My dad served a couple years, and finished his tour of duty a few months after I was born — at the Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia. So that sort of makes me a navy brat, right? Recently I got the chance to … Read on

Does posing for photos ‘kill’?

Rolf Potts, travel writer and Kansan, wrote an interesting piece on how digital photography has changed travel for him (though I think he crossed a line by posting some very personal candid photos from a brief encounter met on the road). I particularly enjoyed peeking over his shoulder as he rifles through his old travel snapshots and reviews his successes/failures taken with old … Read on

Photos from a Philadelphia prison

I go to a lot of museums. The biggies are great, but I tend to prefer the pleasures from bite-sized portions of more out-of-the-way, unexpected ones like Bucharest’s National Museum of the Romanian Peasant (hand-written signs about how to love your grandma), Oklahoma’s Woolaroc (largely for nostalgic purposes) and Hanoi’s bizarre Ho Chi Minh Museum, with Soviet-inspired exhibits of winner detergent boxes. I’m … Read on