Top 50 Rolling Stones Songs


So the Rolling Stones are 50 years old, some of them have been remarkably great years, though most mediocre. Still they are the greatest rock’n’roll band in the world for all time, for creating that bag-o-bones sound that stutters to keep standing then gels into something so obvious and simple yet beyond what any other band could possibly do. The Stones changed my … Read on

Why Cleveland Rocks

Cleveland has the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame for a couple reasons. One, the term ‘rock and roll’ was first applied to music by DJ Alan Freed there (Record Rendezvous owner Leo Mintz had suggested it to make R&B have more appeal to white kids). And two, Cleveland was the only candidate to put up the many millions of dollars necessary to build it. … Read on

How to see the Olympics

Watch the latest video at <a href=””></a> I spoke with Jonathan Hunt on on tips on seeing the Olympics, something — to be honest — I’m not sure is worth the price. A flight to Delhi, for the Taj Mahal, is about $100 more from New York this summer. I’d save London for calmer, cheaper times.

Top 76 Unanswered Rock’n'Roll Questions

If Jim Morrison were alive, would he regret saying ‘do it, Robbie, do it’ before the guitar solo in ‘Roadhouse Blues’?  Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy knew there was going to be a jailbreak, but did ever figure out a more precise location for a jailbreak than ‘somewhere in this town’? Do the David Bowie/Mick Jagger wink-wink rumors have anything to do with … Read on

Here’s to Richard Reid


Perhaps we should judge a life by how one is remembered. My dad, who died 10 years ago today, had a SRO funeral. A few hundred Tulsans filled the aisles around seats fit for 200. Many were people I’d never met. Friends from high school. And patients without medical insurance my dad, ever the old school doctor, had visited on unbilled house calls, … Read on