REPORT THE RATS A few months ago I started reporting rat spottings — all rat spottings — on Twitter under the hashtag of ‘#ratspotting.’ I invite you to do the same, wherever you may find them. After 11 years in New York, I had my first on-subway-platform viewing recently. One woman seeing it dropped her coffee with a shriek. I had my FlipVideo handy for the scene (but missed the coffee spill, sorry).

Ratspotting: It’s Game! It’s Worldly Adventure!

I WANT TO HEAR YOUR RAT STORIESSo we New Yorkers are paying more for our subway soon (which angers most everyone). The L line has an occasionally working display of the next train’s arrival time — something London’s Tube has had for decades — otherwise it’s up for grabs when your train will clank to you. And while we wait, we watch. ALL of us watch for rats. I’ve been afraid of rodents since Canada Day 1977. The day my … Continue reading