Why you should kick the “bucketlist”


It’s never been a great idea to plan any aspect of your life around a buzzword popularized by a terrible movie. And Bucket List, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman as selfish dying strangers who run off in their final days to tackle a handful of testicular-swelling tasks, happens to be a terrible movie. It got panned on its release in 2006, yet it … Read on

Top 3 Travel Hugs

Thursday is for Huggers Do we hug more when we travel? I mean, hug people you’ve known for 10 minutes and will never see again? I’ve had some memorable ones — by teachers on train platforms, grandparents on Polish balconies, drunk telephone line workers near a crocodile-filled pond in the Yucatan. But I’ve narrowed it down to my most memorable trio: IN A … Read on

76-Second Travel Show: #001

IS NIC POLO THE REAL McPOLO?The new ’76-Second Travel Show’ — featuring 10 bonus seconds this time — professes to highlight a couple key, integral, possibly life-changing aspects of travel at least twice monthly. Letters will be read on the air (quickly) if you have any to offer. In the premiere episode, the notion that Marc Polo is a great traveler is (quickly) … Read on