Flying to Iceland with Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of Iron Maiden (and very funny guy), is flying planes for Iceland Express in his off-season. That’s too good to resist. So I’m going on his jet tonight from Newark to Reykjavik. Not a bad place to go for long weekend from US East Coast: links from Newark, Boston & Chicago; it’s a shorter flight than NY-LA; and with US$600 fares just a couple days before departure.

So I go, with Bruce Dickinson at the wheel. (Did I make it?)

A bit on Bruce.

Bruce flies a big jet:

Bruce rides a Soviet tank:

Why Bruce is funny:

Bruce fencing on MTV. He once finished 7th in the UK. Guy’s serious:

Oh yeah, Bruce singing. Here’s ‘Flight of Icarus’ from the glory days (which are still going on):

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3 Responses to Flying to Iceland with Bruce Dickinson

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