Top 17 Beach Boys songs since “Pet Sounds”

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Every now and then I tweet out a puzzle: who IS the greatest American rock’n’roll band ever? The English have their Stones, Zeppelin, Who, Clash, Beatles. Canada has Rush, Australia has AC/DC, Ireland has U2. And Switzerland has their Krokus. The best of American rock’n’roll tend to be people: Chuck Berry obviously, and also Bob Dylan. But a band? I go with the … Read on

Thomas Dolby’s biggest fan


In 1993, I sent Thomas Dolby a prank fax. The timing was too tempting. Thomas Dalby, aka Chip, was working at the Guggenheim Soho in NYC and Dolby was some sort of “artist-in-residence” for a few days, occupying a nearby cubicle. So I faxed some over-the-top adoration, delivered by Thomas Dalby to Thomas Dolby. Should have been on “Punked.” Last night I saw … Read on

Woody Guthrie’s got a home in Tulsa


 Everyone knows who Woody Guthrie was, right? Folk singer who sang about the Dust Bowl, the Columbia River and killing fascists? He grew up in Oklahoma, but the author of “This Land is Your Land” was the eternal rambler — and not just because he wrote “I Ain’t Got No Home In this Home Anymore”. But now he has a permanent home, in … Read on

Top 50 Rolling Stones Songs


So the Rolling Stones are 50 years old, some of them have been remarkably great years, though most mediocre. Still they are the greatest rock’n’roll band in the world for all time, for creating that bag-o-bones sound that stutters to keep standing then gels into something so obvious and simple yet beyond what any other band could possibly do. The Stones changed my … Read on