Montreal Secret: The Big Orange


If you’re a local in Montreal, you know about the “big orange,” one of the city’s longest lasting (and brightest) landmarks. Most visitors never see this 40-foot orange-shaped diner that’s stood here since 1942.

photoGibeau Orange Julep (7700 Boulevard Décarie) is a long metro ride out from the city’s fabled historic core. There are no cobblestone walkways, just big stores and chain restaurants. But it’s a fun place for a hot dog and an “orange julep,” a candycane-sweet drink made with a still-guarded recipe.

I liked it.

To find it, just take the metro out to the fun Namor station, then look for a big orange across the unglamorous Decarie Expressway. You’ll see it.







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One Response to Montreal Secret: The Big Orange

  1. @nearafar says:

    Love it! Charming. Here are my fave restaurants in MTL. They’re a little fancier, though. :)