Robert on Saskatchewan Radio

A few years ago, a purple-haired woman from Dobrich, Bulgaria asked me to do a TV interview for Dobrich TV on travel in Bulgaria. That’s not something you EVER say ‘no’ to. And I lost a research day in a town I ended up cutting from Lonely Planet’s Eastern Europe guidebook to do it. When I was in Regina, Saskatchewan last week, I … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Regina’s RCMP Depot

Every mountie in Canada comes through Regina, Saskatchewan — home to the RCMP Depot, a training facility in place since 1885. Last week I served as a ‘cadet for a day.’ Marched for 6:30am inspection, learned how to remove people from cars (using ears, pain points) or putting them in (with a memorable groin toss). I got a regulation Mountie haircut & moustache, … Continue reading

What is a Mountie?

Follow my mountie exploits this week at #MountieLand I don’t remember when I first heard of mounties, or wanted one of their red serge tunics and carefully pressed, flat-brim Stetson hats. It was definitely before Canada Day when I was 9. That’s when my gerbil Steve bit my finger, I bled, I fainted, then flew to Calgary for a family vacation to Banff … Continue reading

Curling in Quebec City

Quebec City’s famed Winter Carnival is underway, but I began my visit recently not at its ice sculptures, tube slides, skating rinks or ‘caribou’ (hot wine) stands. Instead I went straight from my hotel to the 98th Bonspiel, a curling championship held at the Jacques Cartier Curling Club. There I’d meet Serge — wearing a tassled hat and red sweater filled with commemorative … Continue reading