Best Canadian City: my awards

Quick! What’s the best Canadian city? The subject has led to a lively discussion on Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree, something so prickly that Toronto-based author Andrew Potter suggested could actually bring about a civil war. Most people equate Canada with its natural beauty, or hockey, or Mounties, or beaver nickels. Last year I visited Canada six times, mostly to focus on Canadian cities … Read on

Be a Jourblist

Question: Is “blog” a bad word? It’s certainly used dismissively by beacons of the traditional media world, who frequently see blogs and social media as pesky, Napster-esque flies to the real champions of thought and journalism. In Evgeny Mozorov’s book The Net Delusion, he writes of the online world as a playground for “a bunch of bored hipsters who had an irresistible urge … Read on

Q&A: What Makes Up a Mom & Kids’ Roadtrip?

ACROSS CANADA: WHERE IT’S CHRISTMAS ALL YEAR A couple Canadian mom bloggers I like following — Her Bad Mother (Catherine Conners) and Mother Bumper (Katie York) took to the Canadian highways a few weeks ago on a blogging rampage with their kids. As part of a series of mom road trips this summer, Catherine and XXX drove 12 days on the road — … Read on