This Man Is Very Drunk

  FINALLY, A DRUNK GUY… WITH GRAPES Rewards in Russia depend not on plans or actual destinations like an art museum or pretty pretty mountain. But the random occurences where you don’t know what’s happening, where you’re going, why you’re doing it, or if you should. The Trans-Siberian runs some 9500 kilometres from Moscow to Vladivostok, crossing seven times zones along the way. … Read on

Vladivostok Cat Walk

Some say the ’70s were the Soviet hippie decade — when rock music first made its appearance, along with long hair and whatnot — and looking around the streets of Vladivostok, or listening to tunes playing in any of many cafes, you’d wonder if the 2000s is their ’80s. Forgotten songs by Bon Jovi, Journey and Mr Mister are blasted in Italian-run pizzerias, … Read on

Aeroflot Debut

FLYING TO RUSSIAI’ll be updating Russia’s Far East for Lonely Planet over the next two months. Typically the fun started before getting there…I’ve flown all across Russia, but had never taken an Aeroflot flight until Tuesday. My debut in the orange-and-blue, as their design on the inside of the jets goes, went smooth to Moscow, an eight-hour flight, but then went haywire. After … Read on